Keep our town’s history & culture (Pro Loco) alive!

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the wonderful village of Santarcangelo!
Our guides will accompany you on a tour of the mysterious and evocative Monumental Cave on Via Ruggeri: an elaborate structure that also has cultural purposes. Follow the tunnels and rooms in a sort of labyrinth, where you’ll be transported back in time.
The itinerary then continues with an enchanting stroll through the historic center of Santarcangelo, exploring the charming districts of the village. Our expert guides will lead you through the stairways and alleyways, revealing always lively little squares. Additionally, the route will be enriched with various anecdotes and historical events that have shaped the city over the centuries.
Get ready to be captivated by this unique and exciting experience!
Price: €15.00 per person, free for children up to 14 years old.
When: Friday mornings at 10:00 AM,
Wednesdays (June, July, and August) at 9:00 PM.
Where: Fridays – IAT Pro Loco Office, Via Battisti 5.
Wednesdays – Arco in Piazza Ganganelli.
Minimum participants: 2 people.
Booking must be made at least one week in advance (if the tour is required in a foreign language, unless if the tour is required in italian 24 hours is enough)