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Nighttime Legends: Traditions & mysteries

The best time to listen to enchanting legends and tales

Guided Tours

Santarcangelo by night

The soft light of the street lamps illuminates the streets and stairways, creating an aura of mystery…

Santarcangelo’s magic

As evening falls in Santarcangelo it creates a magical atmosphere.
The soft light of the street lamps illuminates alleys and stairways creating an aura of mystery.
This is the perfect time to listen to enchanting legends and tales: From the White Lady to the bull race, from the sorceress to the lion, from secret escape routes to the golden looms, from the mysterious underground world to the great snake “Ribess”….

And does the red wine Sangiovese really have its origins in Santarcangelo?


  • Approximately 2 hours

Group bookings only (minimum 10 persons).
This tour must be booked in advance.


Adults – 5.00 €
Children up to 14 years & disabled persons – FREE

This tour can also be booked during the daytime.

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