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Religious tours: Spirituality and art

Discover Santarcangelo’s churches, rich in art and spirituality.

Guided Tours

Spirituality and art

The 18th-century Collegiate Church, the ancient Pieve di San Michele Arcangelo and the church dedicated to Saints Catherine and Barbara.

Discovering the town’s places of worship

This tour focuses on the most important churches, rich in art and spirituality, including: the eighteenth-century Collegiate Church, the ancient Church of San Michele Arcangelo, built by Byzantine master craftsmen, and the church dedicated to Saints Catherine and Barbara, located in the heart of the medieval town.

The guide takes care to illustrate the works of art housed inside, true masterpieces by many artists, among the most illustrious: painters of the 14th-Century Giottesque Painting School of Rimini, Guido Cagnacci, Centino, Giovanni Battista Costa, Antonio Trantanove, and Gaetano Lombardini. Visitors are introduced to the spirituality and devotion practiced during this period; the guide provides an evocative account of the lives of those declared by the Church to be blessed, whose bodies are still kept inside these churches.

Photo by Gilberto Urbinati

Photo by Gilberto Urbinati

Foto di Gilberto Urbinati


  • Approximately 3 hours

Group bookings only (minimum 10 persons).
This tour must be booked in advance.


Adults – 5.00
Children up to 14 years & disabled persons – FREE

Guided tour to the church of Saints Catherine and Barbara which includes a choir and the small museum dedicated to Sister Angela Molari – additional charge – Mobile: (+39 3395217841).

The tour varies according to the availability of the individual churches, and the time available to participants.

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