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Urban Trekking: Once upon time through the factories

This tour takes you through some of the town’s old factories to discover trades practiced in the past and learn about new crafts.

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Discover Mutonia, on the borderline between reality and science fiction

Fascinating places along the Marecchia River

Urban trekking through some of the town’s old factories to discover trades practiced in the past, and learn about a fascinating artistic, artisan community that lies on the outskirts of town, along the Marecchia River.

Visit Mutonia, a truly interesting community whose creative inhabitants transform “industrial and non-industrial” waste material into original, artistic masterpieces.

The History behind the Mutoid Waste Company

The Mutoid Waste Company was originally founded in London in 1986; however, the members moved to Santarcangelo in 1991 where they made their “home & headquarters”. The company’s name reflects the philosophy of life of its members: It creatively transforms inorganic waste of various kinds such as iron, plastic, rubber, fibreglass, aluminium, copper and brass into incredibly unique, animated sculptures. A constant flow of mutations accompanies not only the conception, but also the collection of the materials themselves, the processing technique, up until the finished project.

The Mutoid Waste Company sees itself as a group of recyclers capable of reusing urban waste by converting it into works of art. Essentially, the Mutoids are nomads: They tend to travel and work in different parts of the world but continually gravitate back to Santarcangelo. Each of its members has a unique style and specialization but they are united in their passion for collecting repudiated objects and transforming them into totally different masterpieces.

The transformation of scrap requires a considerable amount of equipment, such as hoses – hammers – welders – drills – punches – riveters – screwdrivers – eyelets – wrenches – sockets – brushes – airbrushes – glues – resins, etc., which, of course, is complemented by the many years of experience of its members, who have brought to life the most diverse artistic creations: sculptures, works, collaborations, installations, exhibitions, stage shows, parades and street shows, parties, music, festivals, workshops, constructions for the theatre, amusement parks, public places, and costumes for film and fashion.


  • Approximately 2.5 hours

Group bookings only (minimum 10 persons).
This tour must be booked in advance.


Adults – 6.00 €
Children up to 14 years & disabled persons – FREE

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