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Places of conservation: virtue of necessity

People’s ingenuity to ensure their own survival

Guided Tours

Ancient preservation techniques in the city

Discovering an underground world

Village life in the Middle Ages was enclosed within defensive walls, and the population had to ingeniously ensure their survival as sieges lasted for months.
An underground world was then created suitable for storing wine, perishable foods and for hiding grain. Therefore, caves, grain pits and ice houses were built.
The tour takes you to see these places to familiarise you with ancient preservation techniques in Santarcangelo. The tour includes admission to 5 impressive underground caves.
If the Historical Archaeological Museum of Santarcangelo (MUSAS) is open, the tour will also include a visit to the room where dolia (large pottery containers used for food & liquid) and amphorae from the Roman period are preserved.

Photo by Gilberto Urbinati


  • Approximately 2 hours

Group bookings only (minimum 10 persons).
This tour must be booked in advance.


Adults – 10.00 €
Children up to 14 years & disabled persons – FREE

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